Hello and Welcome!

We are often asked about our name Fortitude. In the dictionary, the words endurance, resilience, courage, strength of mind, grit...and even guts are among many used to describe it.  Here at Fortitude Fitness, we can't think of better ways to describe our members and our coaching staff!

In a recent blog post I wrote that I am thankful.  Period. I have the privilege of working with and training some amazing people.  The people I work with will give their all to me to meet their goals, as I give my all to them to help achieve them. The way this thing works is simple, but not easy.

Both sides, the coach and the athlete, must put in equal effort.  Real progress takes place when both sides commit and put in a true, honest effort.  When coaches and athletes arrive at that special place, built on trust, where both are giving 100% without regard, magic can happen.

There’s a place that’s built between athlete and coach that cannot be easily described.  The parties involved just understand.  The coach may ask the athlete to go somewhere they’re not likely to go on their own, a place of true discomfort, a place that challenges their being.  An athlete may be willing to explore these places based solely on their relationship with the coach.  The athlete understands that the coach wants nothing but the best for them and for that, they will go.

Here at Fortitude Fitness, everyone that participates is an athlete, whether it's training for the olympics or just wanting to be more active and make some new friends. We customize each member's fitness experience to help them be the best they can be with individual program design and personalized coaching.  Oh yeah, and at our gym, fortitude also means fun.

I look forward to sharing this with you!

Todd Ford