3 Movements to Strengthen Your Back

Sore back?  Weak back?  

Nothing can make you feel stronger and be safer than a strong back.  So why do so many people have trouble with theirs?  I think maybe fear but certainly simply lacking the knowledge is a reason.  Keeping things simple is often the most effective method.  You don't need some complicated accessory movement...you need to use your back.

"The worst thing you can do to help your back is nothing."

1. Bear Hug/Sandbag Carries.
These can be performed with almost anything.  From a training sandbag to a 5-gallon bucket filled with sand or weights.  The idea is to actively pull the implement into your chest engaging your upper and mid back.  **think bear hug** and then begin walking.  400 meters should do the trick.  If your back isn't lit up after that then go heavier and/or take fewer breaks.  Walk, don't run.  Simple yet highly effective.  Add these in a few times per week, vary your loading and distances, and grab a friend.  These are far more fun with someone next to you.

2. Deadlifts.
The king of back exercises has arrived.  Deadlifts are safe, effective, and highly functional. (which is a buzzword that people like to see, so I've included it) In all seriousness, if you're not deadlifting then you're missing some pretty massive benefits.  Learn how to deadlift and do it often.  Increase your loading in an intelligent manner, don't get ahead of yourself and don't settle for subpar movement.  Especially if you're just starting out.

3. Planks, isometric holds, and anti-rotational movements. 
OK, so this is more of a group of movements and not just one! I like all variations of planks for strengthening the back due to the fact that they teach a bracing/breathing relationship.  A normal plank will do, but don't shy away from side variations. Hollow hold, V sits, supermans, and anti-rotational movements are all going to benefit your back.  Some version of these movements can be added to your training almost daily.

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