Double Under Troubles?

Double Unders are a relatively simple movement, but that doesn't mean they're easy for people to figure out.  

Here are a few things to think about when trying to master the double under:

Slow down.  Jumping faster isn't going to help.  Instead, extend your jump by getting as tall as possible.  This will also save on the excess core fatigue.  You can't muscle a double under so slow down, focus, and you'll have them in no time!

Work on your timing.  The jump and tap drill is something we prescribe often for athletes who struggle with timing.  It goes like this - with your arms by your sides and standing tall, jump into the air.  When you reach the apex of your jump, tap your thighs with your hands.  Once you've got that down then you'll want to work on tapping twice while in the air.  The double tap simulates the speed of the wrists turning.


Get your own jump rope.  Consistency is clutch.  Using a different rope every time you work on them won't likely have a positive outcome.  Having your own properly sized rope can make a world of difference.

Practice more.  If you struggle with the movement don't wait until they roll around in a workout.  Practice as part of your warm up or cool down.  Practice at home.  Just practice.

If you still struggle then book a 30-minute skill session and work directly with a coach.

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