Put Your Foot Down

Prove Them Wrong: How to Succeed Through CrossFit

People aren't very supportive of things they don't understand. From coworkers criticizing to spouses telling us to shut up about the gym, critics are rarely in short supply. In fact, they'll search you out if you let them. People tend to want to stay dead smack in the middle of average town. The issue lies in continually dropping expectation. Don't allow people to bring you back to average town; you don't want to live there! Taxes are too high, and property values are decreasing rapidly. 

Instead, put your foot down and stay the course.

Trust us; we get it.  There are dozens of reasons you can create to avoid the gym, daily.  It's easy to blame kids, school, work, traffic, lack of sleep, and I could go on.  The problem is none of that stuff matters if you don't come first.

How great of a parent, employee or spouse do you think you can be if you're always sick, run down or stressed out?  

We don't always think about the influence the gym has on anyone other than ourselves.  The truth is it has a significant impact on our loved ones and our surroundings.  

Lead the way and show your kids that being healthy and able-bodied is OK!  Show them that you expect more from yourself and they will follow. Show your co-workers that you put yourself first and that it's OK.  Show your employer that through your constant pursuit of being a better person you're able to be more productive, take fewer days off, and lead rather than follow.  Show your spouse that you're not that same person they fell in love with, you're someone better who's worth falling in love with again. (Besides, who wants to stay the same person forever?)

You'll begin to feel empowered and when that occurs, show them the light. Teach them how to do what you're doing.

Prove people wrong.

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