Coach Kellie

Hi folks!

I'm Kellie - Fortitude Fitness’ new Nutrition Coach! I’m a foodie and fitness lover. Wifey to Chris and momma to my 5-year-old son Conor and our pups Ronan and Doodles.

My background is in hospitality/sales - 18 years of connecting and building relationships with amazing people and sharing my love for service, food, and wine. Over the past 3 years I have been a strength & conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer helping clients develop true health and fitness goals, motivating them to see the benefits of fitness, focusing on training smart, overcome challenges and push for results.

Why coach nutrition? I have been an athlete my entire life and quite honestly ate whatever I wanted. I gained muscle...didn't have to think about putting on weight, but I was always tired, a bit cranky, and sometimes would bunk at the end of a workout. I thought that was how I was supposed to feel - I trained hard right? WRONG. I did this until I had my son, hit my mid 30's and then things HAD to change. I didn't want to feel exhausted. What was I doing wrong? I made the decision to educate myself and become a better trainer and coach!

What did I learn? One of my favorite quotes is from Virginia Woolf, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well." This quote hits home. If you want to live well - feel energized throughout the day, be alert, be happy and sleep hard - YOU MUST FEED YOUR BODY THE FUEL IT NEEDS TO DO SO. The simple things I could have been doing all these years would have made the difference in how I felt in my daily life and training. Now I need to share this knowledge about nutrition being the foundation for success - whether they mean having more energy, losing body fat percentages, gaining lean muscle, sleeping better, managing stress or something else. Success looks different to all of us, but nutrition is the key.

We are kicking off our nutrition program with our FALL INTO WELLNESS CHALLENGE October 15th. This is an excellent opportunity to get back to basics and get on track. We each have our own story and goals.

I look forward to working hard, having fun and helping you find the balance to create and ultimately maintain healthy nutrition habits!



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