Are You Stressed?

We all deal with stress. Plenty of our clients report that they deal with stress in a far better manner when they’re consistent with exercise and a healthy diet.

Why is that?

We know that diet and exercise play a huge role in stress reduction but why? On the surface getting into the gym and hitting a workout can be viewed as “blowing off some steam” and that’s great! But, what’s going on during the rest of the day? Is blowing off some steam a few times a week enough to carry over?

Here’s my take on the exercise side of the equation.

1. Exercise promotes cognitive function which means your brain works better. CrossFit is especially useful for this, but for this post, we'll assume any activity fits. We believe that those increases in memory, attentiveness, and decision making processes throughout your day is where some of the magic lies. If you’re more productive at home and work, it’s likely you’ll experience less stress in other areas. If you’re able to keep up with and manage daily tasks you never feel behind or overwhelmed. In a sense, you’re gaining time by making time for the gym.

2. Exercise builds strength and strength builds confidence. Feeling stronger and being able to handle yourself in situations like, moving a piece of furniture, are powerful things. Not having to worry about how you're going to move something or if you're going to get hurt are both benefits of exercise. We all know someone who got injured doing something arbitrary, that shouldn't happen. 3. Exercise releases hormones that make us feel good. I say this often, and I think a famous guy once said it too “things in motion tend to stay in motion.” When you begin to exercise you’ll naturally do more walking, moving, hiking, etc. because you’ll know how good it will make you feel. It’s a positive spiraling effect.

4. Exercise serves as a time to escape. For some of us, it’s the gym. For others, it’s hitting the road for a run. Regardless of method, it’s a time to put aside our daily stresses and focus inward. Time for ourselves is beneficial regarding stress management. Whether we begin our days with time to ourselves, use it as a mid-day reset, or end our day with it the impacts are undeniable.

5. Exercise will cause you to sleep better. Better sleep will lead to feeling better in general. Instead of waking groggy and needing hours to get your brain firing all on cylinders, you'll wake fresh and ready to take on the day. Not wasting time in the morning will make you feel more accomplished as you head into your daily routine. You'll also watch that mid-day slump disappear.

You can probably see by now that exercise creates a day to day scenario in which you don't need to worry about the little things. That in itself will cause a reduction in stress, and when problems inevitably arrive, you will process them better.

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