In a Slump?

By Bridget

At times during our training cycles, it’s common to feel like we’ve hit a wall. 

The day to day progress almost feels like it’s at a complete standstill...until we take a moment to reflect.  Reflect on where you were last year or maybe on the last time you did a particular WOD.  Reflect all the way back to day one if you have to. 

It is that moment when you're feeling defeated or stuck in a slump that is the most important to look back at your progress.  It is why we stress recording everything you do; your WOD scores and times, the weights you used, the scaling options you chose, your daily nutrition intake, your sleep habits, everything! 

"Progress takes time - trust the process."


Looking back is the perfect reminder of how far you truly have come.  Recording everything allows you to have specific data to compare your progress to which can serve as a huge confidence booster and provide some much-needed motivation to get you out of that slump. 

Each day might not feel like a whole lot is happening, but when you take the time to step back and look at your long-term progress you’ll undoubtedly notice big changes!  Progress takes time - trust the process, stay patient, and don’t let one bad day or week get to you!  And most importantly - always keep going.  As always, if you need a little extra help or guidance feel free to reach out to one of us coaches.  We go through the same thing sometimes! 

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