3 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Training

You show up daily.  You push yourself hard.

You deserve to see better results...don't you?  Here are 3 things you can do in the gym, to maximize your training.

Take warm-ups and practice work more seriously.

We all know that warm-ups are great for prepping the body for higher intensity work, aiding in injury prevention, and catching up with your friends.  OK, maybe not that last one.  Truth is each time you perform a movement there's an opportunity for growth.  Every rep presents a chance to improve and strive for mastery.  So don't take warm-up reps lightly, treat them with focus.  The same goes for skill and practice work.  Practicing bodyweight movements or movements with a lightly loaded barbell can do wonders for your overall fitness!  Take each rep with care and mindfulness.

Don't accept poor movement.

It's critical to move well.  Even under the pressure of the clock ticking down or the promise of breaking a personal record, you need to move well.  This is not to say that you should never push it or challenge positions.  In fact, the entire reason we lift weights is to challenge positions.  From time to time mechanics break down.  Just keep in mind every poor rep needs to be undone.  Move slower and more deliberately, more often, and watch your progress soar!

Take cool-downs more seriously.

Many people believe that training is what makes you stronger and fitter.  During your workouts, you're actually decreasing your fitness.  It's in the recovery process that you adapt and become fitter.  The sooner we can begin that process, the better.  Cooling down immediately following your training can trigger that recovery and you can be happy knowing you're well on your way! 

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