Health Seminar with Dr. Sean Rockett

By Todd

Dr. Rockett has been on my list of people to meet for a while now.  So it was an honor to host him for his Health Seminar.  There's not much that I enjoy more than meeting like-minded people who share a passion for spreading the knowledge they've gathered over the years in an effort to help others.  Sharing of knowledge is what moves us all forward.  

Here are some of my takeaways from the seminar.

Play the long game.
Let's be super cliche by saying what we do in our gyms (CrossFit Affiliates) is a marathon, not a sprint.  Too often people wrongly associate incorrect metrics as their successes.  An example would be chasing a specific loading in a movement.  Only focusing on the weight on the bar is the wrong approach and could lead to disaster.  Instead, we ask all of the people we work with to follow our prescription of:

and only then, Intensity

Moving heavy weight or doing skilled gymnastics movements are second to moving well.  Period.  

Listen to your body.
This one should be easy but I'm afraid it's not.  You have to listen to your body!  Pain is not OK.  We're not talking about the kind of "pain" from pushing hard through a workout and it's important to recognize the difference between muscle soreness and joint pain.  Pain is our bodies way of sending a signal that something isn't quite right, and while it can often be a warning shot, it shouldn't be ignored.  Pushing through pain isn't a badge of honor, it's silly.  

There may be times where avoiding certain movements or limiting the range of motion might be what you need.  We're not talking about a single training session, there is a possibility you could need to avoid a specific movement for months at a time.  Don't forget, we're playing the long game!

Accessory work is essential.
We've known this for a long time.  In our gym and others that we hold in high regard, we're seeing regular, focused, accessory work.  Performing exercises that support things like shoulder health are a must for the long game.

In our gym, we offer a program called the Post Game which is designed to support the movements found in the workout of the day.  You can also include movements in warm ups or even as part of a focused skill session.  We also program specific individual work for those who choose to have us do so.  We're seeing healthier shoulders, hips, and spines which means happier people.     

Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD.
OK so maybe we learned this one from Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park...

"You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could that you didn't stop to think if you should." 

This one is tough.  We love to advance, beat records, accomplish new movements...but at what cost?  Does getting that muscle up before you're truly ready, make you somehow a better person?  I'll tell you and so will Dr. Rockett, it does not.  You're not measured by your muscleupness.  His word not mine, but I dig it.

A lot of coaches are afraid to talk about injury because if we talk about it we put it in people's head that they could get hurt.  Our stance has always been to make people aware of all possibilities and educate them.  The truth is you're much more likely to become injured if you're not trying to learn these movements and instead sitting on your couch.  The trick is to learn them properly, under the guidance of a coach.  If you've got the right mindset and you're open to being coached and learning then you can do so safely!  We stand by this 100% and welcome all challengers to our methodology.  Email us or won't.

There were more topics that Dr. Rockett dove into but that exceeds the scope of this article.  We could geek out on SLAP tears and tendinopathy for days now! 

I am looking forward to hearing and learning more from the Doctor and can't wait to see where CrossFit Affiliates are heading with the increasing backing of medical professionals such as him.

Thank you, Doc!  

The ECO Salon