How To Own Your Workout


At our gym, one of the programs we offer is CrossFit group classes. We write workouts daily (WOD or workout of the day) and write them on the board for members to see. When a group class begins the very first thing a coach will do is explain the workout, the intent behind it, how it will make you better, and some options for scaling. Scaling is what we call changes to the workout to make it your own.

For example, if a workout has pull ups in it and you’re not able to do pull ups, (yet) then we’d offer you a scaling option such as ring rows or jumping pull ups. We base our recommendations off of the intent of the workout and your goals. If the workout is intended to be completed as fast as possible with little to no rest then the scaling options we provide would support that. If the workout was intended to be a longer, paced out piece then we’d offer different options.

Scaling a workout takes practice. That’s why a coach does it for you. In the beginning things get tricky because we’re human and we want to do what everyone else is doing. If everyone is using a certain weight then we want to also use that weight, even though that might not be the best choice for us.

The idea behind scaling is to make the workout written for a group, yours, to make sure you're able to hit the right intensity, not to make it easier. Scaling correctly should make it so you’re getting the most out of the workout in regard to your goals!

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