Staying Hydrated

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We all know that hydration is important. We need water to survive and in adequate amounts to thrive. It impacts all sorts of things such as:

  • Water plays a big role in weight loss

  • Water is needed for all metabolic functions

  • Water helps lubricate your joints

  • Water impacts your activity and performance

Those things all sound pretty important to us! Many people don’t get enough water daily. We recommend aiming for 80 ounces to start. That might seem like a lot but trust us, you’re going to feel great! Don’t stress. There’s no need for you to be walking around with a gallon jug marked with little motivation sayings at different levels. Unless you really want to. Just sip throughout your day.

Having trouble hitting that amount? Don’t worry! Try these tips:

  • Avoid trying to get it all in at once

  • Get yourself a reusable water bottle that you like and carry it with you…everywhere

  • Drink a glass first thing in the morning

  • Have a glass with every meal

  • When you’re at home use a BIG cup or glass - it’s easier to track

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