Thinking About Goals

We’re firm believers that if you want to make progress you’ve got to actively work toward something. We’re also firm believers that what you’re working toward is secondary to the process.

When we sit down with you for a goal setting session we run through a systemized approach that begins with identifying recent successes. This is important because understanding what worked for you in the past will help us figure out the next steps.

From there we run through a list of questions to dig in and find out where and what motivates you. We find that attaching emotion to the process improves the end result and gives you a reason to succeed!

The next step is to understand recent struggles. Knowing what to steer clear of helps us eventually lay out a plan of attack.

Finally we ask what your goals are, even though at this point we’ve got a pretty good idea.

Then…we work things backwards. Let’s say the goal is to lose 40 pounds. Looking at 40 pounds can be intimidating. So we set a time frame. Let’s say 6 months. If we take 40 and divide by 6 we arrive at about 6.5 (our average 4 week weight loss by the way) and now we’ve got a number that’s easier to look at and talk about. If we take it a step further we can break it down into weeks, about 1.5 pounds. 1.5 pounds doesn’t seem so bad!

Now that we’ve got numbers that are easier to look at without freaking out we’re able to layout a game plan by answering some questions.

  • How do we lose 1.5 pounds per week?

  • How do we do stay consistent over 24 weeks?

  • How do we deal with and avoid setbacks?

  • How do we begin?

  • What actions can we take RIGHT NOW to get started?

  • What actions can we take daily?

  • What habits can we develop?

  • How can we make this process enjoyable and replicable?

When you’re able to answer these questions…and we can…you’re able to not only set goals effectively, but reach them.

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