I Can't Make it to the Gym, What do I do?

We all lead busy lives and there will be days that the perfect training session with plenty of time at the gym just isn’t in the cards. There are a couple of options that are healthy and will keep you progressing toward your goals.

If you just don’t have time to make it to the gym and squeezing in some activity would add more stress than it takes away then consider just skipping the day! That right, a day off won’t set you back. There are a few things to focus on that keep you progressing.

  1. Let it go. Too often I hear that people are super stressed and even upset that they’ve missed a day at the gym. Move on.

  2. Focus on your nutrition. Stay dialed in and focused. Make every meal spot on and you’ll feel great!

  3. Get in some form of stress relief. Listen to some tunes. Read a book. Paint. Write. Tune in to a podcast. Whatever it is just make it happen. Spending time doing things you enjoy is healthy and will keep you on track.

If you do have time to squeeze in some activity, go for it! Be mindful about what you did previous and what’s in store for the next day.

  1. Keep it simple. There is a TON of value in simply practicing body weight movements. Spend some time running through a few. Make them perfect and work slow.

  2. Stretch. Work on your flexibility.

  3. Take a walk or perform some other form of low impact, low intensity, work. Jogging, rowing, hiking, swimming, biking at aerobic paces won’t overly tax you and will be easy to recover from as to not interfere with your next gym session.

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