3 Reasons People Fall Off

People quit programs for all sorts of reasons. Some make sense and some are excuses, if we’re being honest. Regardless, I think there are some reasons that can be avoided. Here are three.

They don’t track their progress. At our gym we provide several option that members can use to track workouts. There are hundreds, probably more, of additional options available as well. Why is any of this relevant? Because when you aren’t seeing progress then you become unmotivated and when you become unmotivated it’s easy to give up. Tracking your progress is an easy way to see and measure your progress no matter how small.

They don’t set goals. Lose some weight is fine but it’s not very specific. We like to run our members through goal setting sessions every 90 days to check progress, help make adjustments, and refocus. Setting specific goals with timelines and reasons allows us to work them backwards and come up with a solid game plan.

They’re not having fun. This is a big one! Maybe the biggest. If you’re not having fun then it’s not worth doing. I understand completely that not every day will be fun and that training is hard. I still believe that overall, a training program should provide an element of fun. This is why we provide variation and novelty in our programs. We think that if you’re having fun that you’ll more than likely want to continue.

So…track your progress, set yourself a goal, and only stop searching for the right fit when you’re having fun! Do those things and you’ll be OK.

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