How To Get Motivated!


Everyone's got goals. What are yours? What are you working toward?

If you’re not sure, that’s OK. We’ll outline a simple goal setting process in another post.

For now, let’s get you motivated!

1) Keep things simple. Focus on taking a walk, eating one good meal or drinking one extra glass of water. Don't worry about the big picture stuff...just start. Then add them to your list in #2 below. The most important part of any process is starting it.

2) Win. Win. Keep winning! Find and do things that make you feel successful. Then, do more of them. Stay productive. It could be making it to the gym or taking 5 minutes to yourself. Whatever it is that makes you happy - do it. An easy way to organize these things is a to-do list, but instead of crossing things off a list (old school) try it this way:

Make two columns. Label one "TO DO" and the other "COMPLETE." Each time you finish a task write it under COMPLETE and watch your list build each day. That feeling of accomplishment is addictive. Have you ever found your TO DO list growing while you’re left feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing. Not any more! Everything you accomplish gets written in that COMPLETE column and if you become stuck, just take a peek at what you’ve already accomplished and get back to your day.

3) Focus on feeling good. What makes you feel good? We find that when we're able to clean up a clients nutrition and add in a bit of activity they become almost instantly happier. They're quickly ready to take on the next steps. The boost in their mood comes from things like better sleep and a better self-image. They’re feeling success, and that stokes their motivation!

Keep this in mind - success precedes motivation. Not the other way around. Do yourself a favor and do something TODAY that makes you feel SUCCESSFUL and watch your MOTIVATION skyrocket!

If you want to talk to a coach about your goals book a No-Sweat Intro and we’ll see you soon.

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