A Twist On Meal Prepping


Nutrition is important. Planning is important. Consistency is important.

When we put those things together we get meal prepping! But, what meal prepping might mean to one person could differ from what it means to another. There are different ways to prep ahead. It’s easy to fall into what we see others doing and if that works for you, by all means, go ahead and continue. Meal prepping where you see dozens of 3 compartment containers sprawled across a counter top filled with portions of food does not work for me.

the action or process of preparing something, or preparing for something.

Ah, there it is! Preparing for something! That’s how I roll. I don’t prepare the majority of my food ahead of time but I do make sure I have a plan. I enjoy cooking and like to set time aside each day for it. You have to enjoy cooking if this plan is to work for you.

Here’s a step by step of our process:

  • My wife and I start by making a list of the meals we want for each week.

  • We then pair each meal with a night based on our schedules. Easy meals (crockpot, oven, etc) go into nights that we’re busy with other things. Meals that need closer attention (grill, sautéing, etc) go into nights that we have more time to focus on cooking.

  • On nights that we’re both busy we would prep ahead. For example I might take some time out of my day to sear chicken, peppers and onions, to set us up to have some fajitas later that night.

  • Large salads, soups for lunches, hard-cooked eggs, frittatas etc. get prepped ahead.

It’s that simple.

Keep in mind this is just what works for us! I hope it helps but if it doesn’t, skip it and find your process. What you’ll repeatedly do and enjoy is what’s most important. If you’ve got a unique approach to food prepping let us know in the comments or reach out through email.

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