Don't Slam Your Door

I had just boarded the plane to leave for Chicago. Passengers were busily stowing their belongings, and fastening their seat belts. I found my seat. A flight attendant announced that we’d likely be departing early. Everyone seemed excited, I mean, who doesn’t want to reach the end goal as quickly as possible?

I heard and felt the thump of the cabin door closing. But as I gazed toward the front of the plane I noticed that there was still light coming through. The door hadn’t closed. I watched as the flight attendants took turns slamming and yanking on the door. The co-pilot took his turn next. He gave the door a few tugs with no luck. Finally, the pilot emerged from the cockpit. The door did not close as they made a few more forceful attempts. Then one of the attendants said, “Captain, that cable just broke.”

Some time passed and we were directed to collect our belongings and prepare to de-board. What seemed like early arrival, turned into a delay.

I arrived in Chicago - the next day.

It’s not uncommon for us to watch clients try to force things with their nutrition and training. Crash and fad diets, silly mobility tricks, and rushing into movements that you’re not quite ready for, always end in a delay. Don’t fall into the trap of looking for the shortcut. I know it’s tempting because I’m human also, I get it. Shortcuts promote mistakes. Mistakes lead to setbacks. Setbacks, well, you get it.

Take some time to chat with a coach about your goals and then layout your plan. Execute with consistency and don’t slam your door.

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