Now Breathe

As the summit came to a close, we signed our makeshift contracts of accountability and shook hands.

We had entered into a contract to hold each other accountable for some action steps that would get us closer to our goals. Each day we’d text each other, photo proof, that we had executed our tasks.

As I walked I listened to a book on my phone. I kept thinking about all of the little things I wanted to get done. I paid close attention to the ground in front of me as I walked. I made a mental list in my head. I could check off the first thing! Progress! I thought.


Dan, my accountability partner from the summit, wouldn’t likely accept this and neither should I. I immediately turned off my phone, stopped walking, and took a deep breath. Part of my promise was to spend at least ten minutes per day just moving. An attempt at getting into a flow state. An attempt at clarity. Listening to a book, making checklists, and searching for odd objects on the ground in front of me were the OPPOSITE of what I should be doing.

I started to walk again. This time I just moved. I didn’t think, or at least I tried not to. I took deep mindful breaths through my nose and marched on. Suddenly, I was back at my truck and twenty minutes had passed. “Huh,” I thought to myself, “it didn’t seem like twenty minutes.

Take time somewhere in your day for your. Focus on just moving and breathing and then relax and let your mind go. Let it wander as it will. There are a million ways to do this but we’ll leave that for another post.

For now, just recognize the importance of balance and how it impacts your mental health and recovery. Too often I see stressed out people adding more stress to their day thinking that’s a good game plan. It isn’t.

Dedicate some time every day for two weeks to this and watch as your workouts, sleep, stress management, and focus, improve. It can be as little as ten minutes.

We all need to take time out of our artificially and unnecessarily hectic schedules and redistribute it inward. You might think “I don’t have the time to do that! I’m so busy!” to which I’d say “Stop thinking! Now breathe.

I took this picture when I arrived back at my truck. There’s not much that beats this time of year in NH.

I took this picture when I arrived back at my truck. There’s not much that beats this time of year in NH.

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