Helped me become the most determined, confident, happy version of myself ever

The nutrition program, workout regiment, and daily positive advice and encouragement from the trainers and members, have helped me become the most determined, confident, happy version of myself ever. I have learned how to eat right without completely sacrificing things I love, have dropped around 12 pounds, and continue to regularly push through physical challenges I didn’t think I had the strength to do. Todd and Fortitude Fitness have quite honestly changed who I am, for the better.
— Yolanda B.

Increased my level of fitness tremendously

I started going to Fortitude Fitness in Feb 2017 after neglecting my health for a few years. Todd, Bridget and Cam have been great to work with! They have helped me increase my level of fitness tremendously over the past year, have pushed me when they knew I could perform better and have even told me to take off weight when I was going to hurt myself or in cases where “heavy” was not the goal of the workout. It’s also worth mentioning that they have been great at providing scaling options for all of the workouts. Though I strive to master all of the movements involved in Crossfit, I’m not quite there and I love that I’m constantly given options to progress toward that goal. Finally, the community I have found at Fortitude Fitness is really special. Everyone there including the other members have been supportive and fun to workout with from the very beginning and I consider all of them friends. I’m lucky to have a wife who pushed me to get off the couch and found this place for me!
— Matt M.

Every class is design for you to grow and learn, to become a better athlete

I have been a member of CrossFit 603 for 1.5 years. Todd Ford is my trainer and coach. Every class is designed for you to grow and learn, to become a better athlete. His knowledge base is top notch and truly wants his members to be successful. He assess your ability, helps to define your goals and then gives you the tools to crush them! Todd not only teaches you the exercises and the movements, he incorporates nutritional education too. This is so much more than a gym. When all your coaches are awesome and you are surrounded by other supportive, friendly members( of all ages) it makes working out fun. Fortitude Fitness is a complete package if getting in shape and learning how to stay strong for life is your goal.
— Julie C.

I am stronger and more focused than I have ever been

I have been excercising my whole life. After years of trying many different things, I found Todd and the rest of his team at CF603. They have an amazing, well educated staff that truly cares about you, and a group of people who truly care about one another. I can always count on a fantastic workout that it well programmed, scaled (as needed) and focused on an outcome. Both short and long term. In the past four years I have been here I am stronger and more focused than I ever have been. And traveling as much as I do, they have given me the base to walk in to any CF gym knowing I have a good understanding of the movements so I can step in to any class worldwide. If your just dropping in or looking for a new way of working out, come on by! You will not regret it.
— Jen H.

So much encouragement!

When I started my CrossFit 603 journey in late March, I had been wanting to join for over a year prior to my joining. I was in my third trimester of my last pregnancy when I decided I would join as soon as I possibly could! I already knocked any possible excuse to the curb, I found my determination to achieve fitness and health seeing my mother and father’s journey and how well they succeeded in the program! They LOVE going to CrossFit and go very routinely! I knew I was very overweight, and did not lead a healthy lifestyle. I was open-minded and eager to absorb any teachings about health and fitness that I soon started seeing the benefits of my efforts at CrossFit within a few months! IT WAS NOT EASY! The challenges of the workouts were nothing I ever experienced before but *never once* did I feel unsafe or felt pushed to do something I didn’t want to do! All the coaches that worked with me and my fellow members of different fitness levels gave demonstrations, options for scaling, and so much encouragement! Just *trying* a new movement whether with a barbell or just my body SURPRISED me! I did not know how capable I was and how proud of myself I was for doing it! My first jumping pull up was exciting! My first barbell lifting PR (personal record) was EXCITING!! The coaches and other members cheer, praise and high-five which is always so very encouraging! I say without a doubt, joining CrossFit 603 is one of the very best decisions I ever made for myself! I have heard more than enough of my fair share of CrossFit myths, myths about being a female lifting weights, and ALL the EXCUSES! There are NO excuses! Talking with the coaches, meeting the members and seeing the workouts is the first step to debunk all myths and stripping down any fears!! I brought my 3 children, all of them 5 years old and under, to a morning class when I knew I wouldn’t be able to make my usual night class! I did not use my children as an excuse to not better myself because at the end of the day, it is your body and you are the one who lives in it! I love the progress I’ve made and how great I feel after working out! A benefit to think about: children emulate their parents! If you lead a healthy lifestyle and take pride in your fitness SO WILL THEY! Time to nip the pediatric obesity problem in the bud!!
— Corrie A.